Introduction to Coastal Morphodynamics


Student Profile

This course is designed to widen student’s perspectives. The course is an introduction to geography for GGL and GEEL students.


  • Develop an understanding of temporal and spatial patterns of sedimentary coastlines: time scales of shoreline evolution, interlinks of processes on various spatial and temporal scales, how they are materialized in the coastal morphology.
  • Understand change factors and know how to measure/analyze the influence of these factors on the system’s behaviour.
  • Develop initial diagnostic skills regarding the influence of anthropogenic action on the dynamics and changes of sediment systems.


  • Study the forces at play on a given area of the coastline (data analysis, possible field surveys…). 
  • Analyze the impacts of developments and, more generally, of anthropogenic actions on the functioning and changes of coastal sedimentary systems (developments, facilities, erosion and flooding control policies).
  • Study the impact of extreme phenomena (storm events in particular).


Lectures: 18h
Tutorial courses: 9h
Evaluation: Continuous assessment
Entitles to 3 ECTS credits