To apply for the first year master's degree in Environmental Sciences you need to complete an application file specifying your past credits, whatever course you are intending to take.

This application file will allow our MSc teaching staff to check whether the previous courses you attended correspond to our curriculum. Registration procedures vary depending on the course you intend to take (in particular the deadline for sending in application forms, a possible interview, etc.). All relevant details concerning the procedure are included in the application files. You must therefore be careful to download the right file!

You will find below the links for downloading the application files that correspond to each course:

Important: Please note that gaining admission to M1 does not guarantee admission to M2. As for the master's 1 degree, admission to the master's 2 degree is based on application file assessment and in most cases after an interview with the teaching staff. Refer to M2 application procedures on this page.

Please also note that it is possible to change majors between M1 and M2. Changing majors within the SPE masters framework is possible but changes will be appraised by thge teaching staff on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, if you wish to apply for a Master's 1 SPE but your situation is not the classic one of a newly graduated BSc student (repetition, resumption of studies, switching to a different field of study, etc.), please contact us directly via this form and refer to the procedure provided by the Université de La Rochelle website page on how to apply for a master's 1 degree.